Jean-Baptiste Lully: Armide (Live)

0:00:00 March of Hidraot (from Act I)
0:02:05 Ouverture, Prologue
0:23:16 First Act
0:48:06 Second Act
1:21:02 Third Act
1:46:08 Fourth Act
2:04:28 Fifth Act

• Armide (magician, niece of Hidraot): Stéphanie d’Oustrac
• Renaud ( a knight): Paul Agnew
• La Haine (Hate): Laurent Naouri
• La Gloire (Glory), Phénice (a confidante of Armide), Lucinde (a demon in the form of the Danish Knight’s beloved): Claire Debono
• La Sagesse (Wisdom), Sidonie (a confidante of Armide), Mélisse (a demon in the form of Ubalde’s beloved): Isabelle Druet
• Hidraot (magician, King of Damascus): Nathan Berg
• Ubalde (a knight), Aronte (guard of Armide’s captive knights): Marc Mauillon
• Artémidore (a knight): Marc Callaghan
• Le Chevalier Danois (the Danish Knight, companion of Ubalde): Andrew Tortise
• Un amant fortuné (a happy lover): Anders J. Dahlin

Les Arts Florissants (chœur et orchestre )
William Christie, direction