Mats Eilertsen Trio & Trio Mediaeval: Memorabilia (2020)

Trio Mediaeval
Anna Maria Frimann: vocals
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: vocals
Jorunn Lovise Husa: vocals

Mats Eilertsen Trio
Harmen Fraanje: piano
Thomas Strønen: drums
Mats Eilertsen: bass

1. Veni (Mats Eilertsen)
2. Stillheten (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
3. Memorabilia I (Harmen Fraanje/Thomas Strønen/Mats Eilertsen)
4. Swedenborg (Thomas Strønen/Mats Eilertsen)
5. Kyrie (Mats Eilertsen)
6. Hjertet (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
7. Memorabilia II (Harmen Fraanje/Thomas Strønen/Mats Eilertsen)
8. Sanctus (Mats Eilertsen)
9. Som Da Du (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
10. Fotografiet (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
11. Memorabilia III (Harmen Fraanje/Thomas Strønen/Mats Eilertsen)
12. Agnus Dei (Mats Eilertsen)
13. Minutter (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
14. Memorabilia IV (Harmen Fraanje/Thomas Strønen)
15. Snøfnuggene (Tor Ulven/Mats Eilertsen)
16. Memorablilia V (Harmen Fraanje/Thomas Strønen/Mats Eilertsen)
17. Gloria (Mats Eilertsen)

Arianna Savall, Petter Udland Johansen: Hirundo Maris (2012)

Hirundo Maris is Latin for “sea swallow” and, like that bird’s flight, harpist Arianna Savall’s quintet – part early music ensemble, part folk group – drifts on musical currents between Norway and Catalonia, and adds its own songs, created on the wing. Savall and co-leader Petter Udland Johansen have shaped a band with a bright, glistening timbral blend, capped by Arianna’s ice-clear voice, well-equipped to address songs of the north and the south…