Erskine, Le, Benita: Dream Flight (2008)

Peter Erskine: drums, timpani & percussion
Nguyen Le : electric guitar
Michel Benita: bass
Stephane Guillaume: tenor & soprano saxophones

1. Dream Flight (Benita) (5:52)
2. Rotha & Priska (Benita) (4:32)
3. Jive Five (Le) (5:23)
4. Song For Jaco (Erskine) (5:52)
5. Twelve (Erskine) (3:50)
6. Plan 9 (Erskine) (7:21)
7. Kokopanitsa (Le) (4:56)
8. Romanichel (Le) (6:10)
9. Montreal (Benita) (2:59)
10. Hanging Out On The Roofs (Guillaume) (6:17)
11. A Demain (Le) (4:07)


Antoine Forqueray: 5 Suites for Viols & Continuo

Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray represent the two leading figures from the world of the French viola da gamba with – in the opinion of a contemporary in Hubert Le Blanc – the former playing like an angel and the latter like a devil. And fiendishly difficult to play, of course, are many of the pieces brought together in the volume prepared by Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (“le fils”) in 1747, two years after the death of his father, and drawn from sketches and memories. These Pièces de viole avec la basse continuë, dedicated to Princess Henriette of France (the younger of Louis XV’s twin daughters), serve as a final and grand homage to an instrument, which after seventy years of an absolute rule was by that time starting to cede territory to the cello…

Bill Frisell: Harmony (2019)

Bill Frisell: guitar
Petra Haden: voice
Hank Roberts: cello, voice
Luke Bergman: baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, voice

1. Everywhere
2. God’s Wing’d Horse
3. Fifty Years
4. Hard Times
5. Deep Dead Blue
6. There in a Dream
7. Lonesome
8. On The Street Where You Live
9. How many Miles?
10. Lush Life
11. Honest Man
12. Red River Valley
13. Curiosity
14. Where Have All the Flowers Gone?